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How to Start a Blog

To finish off my little “mini-series” about blogging, I wanted to write out the specific step-by-step process for creating and starting your own blog. Blog setup is actually the easiest part, but a lot of people feel daunted about the technical setup. In this tutorial I’m going to explain how to make a website […]

Turning Your Blog Into a Business

There are many reasons to have a blog, and they aren’t all business related. Sure, I first became interested in blogging for the business aspects. But I learned that I really enjoy sharing my ideas and insights with my followers. That’s what being a blogger is all about! A lot of what I was doing […]

Why You Should Start Blogging

I’ve been blogging (sort of) for almost two years. Being a blogger has been a fulfilling experience. I’ve learned a lot about the way the online world works and I’ve enjoyed sharing my own story. My Blogging Journey I started Chefing Around with my boyfriend in December 2016, which seems like only a short time […]