The biggest reason people don’t work out is because they don’t have time.

Busy parents
Career climbers
Even self-proclaimed party girls like me
All use this excuse to put off exercising regularly.

The thing is, all these people WANT to exercise, just like you.

You want to feel fit and healthy while also balancing everything else in your life.

So how do you do it?

My new book introduces you to the exciting world of Tabata intervals. Tabata is the shortest, most effective workout you can do, and you can do it in your own living room.

This book is structured very simply. You’ll read an introduction that explains what Tabata is and how to use it. You’ll get an idea of the science behind why the workout is so effective.

Then, the next section contains over 30 unique Tabata workouts ranging from 4 to 20 minutes.
You’ll learn about different forms of Tabata and different bodyweight exercises you can use to get the strong, slim body you’ve always wanted.

This means you can do all of these workouts with NO EQUIPMENT WHATSOEVER.

Just you, TabataBook, and 20 minutes. That’s all you need for an incredibly effective workout.

No more excuses about lack of time.

No more light exercise that doesn’t change your body.

Improve your heart health, muscular strength, and life by adding Tabata to your routine.

This book will show you how. And right now you can get it for just SEVEN DOLLARS.

So what are you waiting for? Why not implement this simple technique to start burning more calories in less time?

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