Day 2: Exploration ⋆ Heather to the MAX

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1 thought on “Day 2: Exploration”

  1. Audrey Poelzer says:

    1. Freedom schedule –> Not boring same thing every day
    2. Good food–>Good, highend, creative food
    3. Friends/time out–> Fun, Drinks, Conversation, Activities, Friends
    4. Animals–> Helping, loving, laughing, caring
    5. Learn 3 more languages–>Continued education, job opportunities, bragging rights 😛 travel
    6. Travel, history–>History, not wasting life in one place
    7. Letters, family visits–> Family relationships, relaxation(metitative)
    8. Anthropology, History–> Discovering the world
    9. Gardening–> father bond, good food, relaxing, pride and accomplishment, care

    The main values I pull out of what I enjoy are relationships, friends and family. Discovery of the world through adventure, study and travel, and that I still need things that relax and meditate my soul.

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