Day 16: Goal-Setting ⋆ Heather to the MAX

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1 thought on “Day 16: Goal-Setting”

  1. Audrey Poelzer says:

    So I recently made a goal for myself, or rather a decision that I wanted to hit the farmers market circuit next summer with my homemade jams. After doing some digging into the laws around this I am finding it is not something that is going to happen. The way things are regulated for jam making require me to outsource the making of the jam which is my entire point. I love to make the jam. Not just run a business that makes jam. So after a day or so of feeling lost again I realized I could still make this goal if I just alter my product. I have been wanting to sew holiday items like table dressings (runners place mats, napkins) and selling them online. Well I have a number of other designs that I have been wanting to make that are not holiday as well. So I thought to myself, maybe I still enter the farmers market circut next year, maybe I just do it with items I have sewn which is much less regulated. Working on creating goals towards that.

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