Day 1: Questioning ⋆ Heather to the MAX

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1 thought on “Day 1: Questioning”

  1. Audrey Poelzer says:

    My questions for now, what I hope to figure out with this course is: What do I want to do? Like in life!? to have a stable job and career that makes me happy. I do not know what that is. I know that I don’t like having set schedules or working for someone else, I like to have many different jobs that allow creativity and socialization. I like each day to be different. The struggle I have with this currently is that my fiance is SOOO uncomfortable with this lifestyle and the uncertainty of my paycheck. I don’t mind this, I can budget on a monthly basis and enjoy it. But I do want/need to find jobs that I want to do and build a career on and then build them!

    I know that I hold myself back. I tend to not seek out opportunity. When I was in school I just kind of listened instead of really putting myself out there. I was afraid of being wrong and used the excuse that I was only there for a few months to neglect opportunities of building something with my degree. I am kicking myself, and yet I have seen myself do it again and again. I had the option to take a job that I didn’t want (yet never had a bad day at) this job would have propelled me forward in a career that ultimately I do not want to be in but it also would have made me more money than I have ever seen. I think I made a better decision with that job because I based it off the fact that I would not see my family very much and it pulled me in a direction that I do not want to end up in. It also locked me into a schedule which I already said is something I do not enjoy. I am good at SOOO many things, everything I have tried. People have tried to get me to stay with jobs “because I am so good at them” but it is NOT what I want. I do not want to work for someone with a 9-5 set schedule. I want to build my own empire not run someone else’s… I just have no idea how that empire of mine makes money…..

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