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Turning Your Blog Into a Business

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There are many reasons to have a blog, and they aren’t all business related. Sure, I first became interested in blogging for the business aspects. But I learned that I really enjoy sharing my ideas and insights with my followers. That’s what being a blogger is all about! A lot of what I was doing in the beginning was just blogging, and I didn’t even really know how to turn it into a business.

If you have started or are thinking of starting a blog, and are interested in possibly turning it into a business, this post is for you. Especially if you’re already a blogger with no clue how to make it a business, listen up. Wouldn’t it be amazing to make an income online, from anywhere in the world? Working for yourself? Building something you really believe in? My favorite part of online business is that I can do exactly what I want to and talk about exactly what I want to talk about.

So what’s it really take for a blog to become a business? You might think that all you have to do is write great content and gain a bunch of followers. I actually wish this was true, because I’d have no problem putting all of my efforts into those two things. But I realized that the question you have to ask yourself is, “Where is the money coming from?”

Because what is a business after all? It is something that generates revenue, income, DINERO. Whatever you want to call it. I’ve read millions of articles about how to make money online, and it boils down to these basic points:

Connect with Brands

One of the most lucrative ways to make money in your blog business is to write sponsored content. This is usually a blog post, but can also be an Instagram post, Youtube video, or a whole promotional package of sponsored content. In most cases, this requires you to reach out to brands you know and love asking for a business partnership. If they feel your audience (which doesn’t need to be huge) is perfect for their marketing plan, they will set up a deal with you. This can often mean free products in exchange for your promotion. But once you get to a certain level you will find brands willing to pay you for your content. Later, I’ll discuss how brand connections are also great for selling advertising.

The key is that MOST brands won’t reach out to you. You have to reach out to them. Some brands may reach out to you for “ambassadorship,” but they require you to buy the product first. Then they give you commission anytime you sell the product. This is actually affiliate marketing. While you can make money this way, affiliate marketing is more of a hands-off program that the brand puts in place for you to promote their product. It isn’t bad, it can actually be really great! But it’s different than sponsored content because you don’t get paid for your content but instead you get paid for your sales.

Connect with brands to turn your blog into a business

Advertisements on Your Site

One of the easiest ways to “earn income” on your blog is to sign up for an ad network, such as Google Adsense or (Note: Google Adsense can be REALLY hard to get accepted into, especially if your blog is brand new.) I put “earn income” in quotes because those networks barely pay pennies unless you have THOUSANDS of pageviews and ad clicks. It is definitely possible to make a good chunk of change with these networks, but only if you’ve grown your website to thousands and thousands of readers. So that’s something to keep in mind when going this route.

An easier way to make money off of advertising on your website is to connect with brands and actually SELL them advertising. Depending on your traffic, you can charge up to $500+ for a monthly banner ad on your website. So traffic is still a factor, but you get paid a much larger, up-front amount.

There is one more route you can take with the advertisements on your site, and that is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you advertise a product, and if someone buys the product using your link you are compensated with a commission amount. You can use ad space on your website to advertise affiliate banners. Any purchases made through those banner ads will make you money. However I think it’s better to promote affiliate products through an informative post that gets your readers itching to buy.

Sell Your Own Online Business’ Products and Services

In my personal opinion, this is the BEST way to make money on your blog. It takes little to no costs to create your own products, so the revenue you make is practically all profits (after promotional expenses). In terms of products, you can create and sell physical products, downloadable information products, and more. Some of the most successful bloggers sell courses in subjects their audience is crazy about.

Other bloggers make great money selling services, such as coaching services, consulting services, technical, or assistant services. If you have a special skill that you’re able to offer to people online, you can write your blog content on those subjects and then offer your services for a fee.

Invest in Yourself

You might think this sounds counterintuitive, but it’s actually really important to invest money into your business and training in order to start growing and making a profit. Almost everyone who goes in thinking they can figure it all out for free ends up failing. I’ll be honest, I was one of those people who floundered around for a while trying to figure everything out.

Then I found Off The Record, created by Becca and Mario over at A Walsh Life. They are a couple of digital nomads who travel the world while making money online. The thing that was unique about their training was that it wasn’t just a course. It’s more of a mentorship program. You have complete access to pick their brains with your personal questions at any time. They also release awesome new training materials every month! Now that’s something that’s worth the money! They’ll make sure you actually implement the training so that you can start making money online and grow your own successful blog business!

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Ready to get started?

Once you’ve decided on HOW you’re going to make your money, you’re ready to create a profit plan and start taking action towards making it happen. Then it’s time to start your blog and grow your following! It can be a difficult process, but I wish I had done things this way when I started. I just started blogging with no actual plan for how I was going to earn money from it. Now I’ve learned you’ve got to think about the money part of the business first, then the content. Now I’ve started growing my business like never before!

If you haven’t started your blog yet, I recommend going to Bluehost and getting started. They have an extremely simple setup process and a really affordable plan! You’ll be blogging like any professional blogger in no time.

*Disclosure* – This page contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission on any sales that result from a reader purchasing through those links. This does not cost you any extra and I only promote products and services that I would highly recommend to close friends and family.

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