Heather to the Max Spirit Heal Your Spirit of Heartache

Heal Your Spirit of Heartache

Today we have a special post about how to heal your mind, body, and spirit of heartache using special energy focus techniques. This post was written by energetic alignment coach Jillian Schleger, who is based out of Canada. Her unique advice is helpful for resolving negative emotions such as heartache. You can use these tips for other emotions as well, such as homesickness. You can read my tips for overcoming homesickness here.

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Heartache is normal, right?

I mean, we’ve all been there once or twice. *wink

When we are faced with a breakup, surprising or otherwise, we go through the stages of grief. We respectfully mourn the loss of a connection and depth only intimacy can provide.

Why then do we still carry a weight in our hearts for months and possibly years after the end of an intimate relationship?

We need to take a look at the depth of our being to answer this.

We are more than just our bodies. We are at least a mind, body and spirit. And to heal each ailment, trauma, stressor and disease we must begin to acknowledge all aspects. We must begin to heal each part of our stunningly complex systems with insight and wisdom.
Eastern philosophies have brought North America astounding text and knowledge which has just recently been mildly accepted as ‘main stream’.

We can talk about our Chakra’s because of the increasing popularity of Yoga.

We can talk about the ‘vibe’ of a person or place because of increasing awareness and acceptance of quantum physics.
It may be time for us to pursue a course toward aligning the mind, body and spirit in a more unapologetic way, since our very survival may depend on it.

The Mind

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You may have heard that the mind needs to repeat a task 30 times to form a habit. Thirty repetitions of algebra equations might be torture for some, but kissing that stunning face of your lover for 30 smooches in a row wouldn’t be so bad!

Your mind creates short cuts when you fall into routine. Love is no different. That’s how ‘love goes stale’. When you do the exact same things every day, your brain goes numb. Familiarity breeds boredom leaving an after-taste called hedonic adaptation. It’s nice to have something that is comfortable and dependable to come home to, but that’s the kicker if this habitual relationship ever ends.

Your mind continues to search for that familiar pattern. That sleepwalking induced pathway similar to forgetting your drive home from work.
This map-less search continues until you give that synapse a different story for that path.

The Body

Quote about the Body

Does your heart remember the comfort of the relationship once it has ended? Do you feel a tinge of sadness or jealousy when seeing your ex in a new relationship?

All we want to do is move on, but feel unable to. Just what is going on inside our bodies?

Let’s test your muscles and see what is going on.

Stand with feet shoulder width apart. This is called the body pendulum stance. Ask what is yes, and allow your body to move anyway it would like. Then ask what is no, again allowing for movement. Most people lean forward for yes, and lean back for no. Ask if your heart is balanced. Then ask if your heart is still sending signals or information to a relationship which has ended.

This is called ‘Applied Kinesiology’ or muscle testing. This tests the strength or weakness of the muscles in your body. With yes or no phrased questions you can receive a multitude of information. The only catch is, you need to be sure that you are at an energetic resonance of Courage (200Mhz) or higher.

You can have a friend test the strength of your arm when you raise it to shoulder height. Baseline test for strength, ask what is yes, what is no and then say “I am at an Energetic Resonance of Courage or above.”

Of course only do these exercises if you are physically able to do so without causing pain or physical harm. Please take responsibility for your own actions and wellbeing.

So what is going on in our bodies when we can’t seem to move on?

We know from Physics that Quantum Entanglement happens when two (or more) subatomic particles, previously independently sound, begin to communicate with each other and act symbiotically with each other after initial introduction. This communication continues, no matter the distance of separation. This freaked out Einstein so much that he labelled this astounding realization as ‘Spooky Action at a Distance.’

Our bodies are made up of a few more subatomic particles than 2 so it’s safe to say that we become entangled quite easily with people, places and things in our lives. This can be expanded on with the work of plant Biologist Cleve Backster, if you feel so inclined to look him up.

Once a relationship, friendship or situation has ended our bodies are still relaying information back and forth. This can be seen with muscle testing.

Stand in body pendulum again, and say:

“I am 100% detached from X” – insert name of ex here.

“I am not entangled with X.”

“It is in my highest good to move on from this relationship.”

Have fun with some of these questions.

Think of your muscles as your own personal palm reader. Just phrase your questions as yes/no.

The Spirit

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How is it that this communication is possible?

We can look to the energetic field to explain one possible explanation.

We are aware of the Chakra system. The Chakra system shares information and life-force energy (Qi/Chi) with the Meridian System and with the Aura or bio-energetic field. Unless we go to an energy healer regularly or we know how to clear our aura, this information is stuck in our energy.

Each day we accumulate information and each day we neglect to clear this.

Often energy healers will describe an onion when referring to our energetic field since we all drag around layers and layers of old stories, old connections and old entanglements.

Each Chakra is normally a powerhouse of energy keeping us healthy, focused and self-sufficient. But the Chakras begin to become depleted and overworked from cords and attachments surrounding and impeding the function of each energetic center.

We again can muscle test to gauge just how wrapped up in past debris we really are.

Stand in body pendulum and ask:

“Is my energetic body functioning at 100%?” ask again decreasing the percentage until you reach a positive response.

“Is my Heart Chakra balanced?”

“Is my Heart Chakra still attached to outside sources that no longer serve me?”

Is our very survival dependant on the fact that we clear up our chakras? Possibly not, but aligning our mind, body and spirit could bring us more than just happiness, clarity and a peaceful mind.

Maslow called Hedonic Adaptation the most ‘non-evil evils’, since we get used to our blessings and become numb to all the abundance around us. Consider the possibility to link diseases such as Alzheimer’s to Hedonic Adaptation as we sleepwalk through our daily lives and allow large parts of our brain to be in suspended animation.

We can see that Quantum Entanglement could deplete our body’s strength when we don’t disconnect from stressors or trauma. We would be replaying memories and not ever achieving closure or peace.

Our energetic systems tell us something similar in that we are energetically entangled with potentially anything we have an emotional reaction with.

So what is the answer?

How can we ‘disconnect’ when we live in a society that is connected 24 hours a day 7 days a week?

We have the opportunity to learn what our bodies are telling us, when we think about healing past wounds and increasing our happiness in general.

Our body, mind and spirit use feelings to let us know when something is ‘off’. When those feelings are pushed aside, our body, mind and spirit show us pain or discomfort. When that pain or discomfort is ignored we are given an illness or disease. When the disease still doesn’t make us stop, we have accidents that happen “out of nowhere”.

Your mind, body and spirit are talking to you.

Please listen. <3

Jillian Schleger

Find more at www.jillianschleger.com

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I hope you enjoyed this healing advice! If you are still struggling with heartache and other difficult emotions, you may want to consider investing in a book or online course to help you take control of your emotions and move on to happier times in your life.

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