Performing Music at Cafe de Playa ⋆ Heather to the MAX
Heather to the MAX Spirit Performing Music at Cafe de Playa

Performing Music at Cafe de Playa

King David Strings preparing to perform at Cafe de Playa

If you know me, you know that music is one of my passions. It was probably my first passion ever, as it’s something I’ve been passionate about my entire life. Recently though, I’d lost touch with this passion of performing music. When I moved to Costa Rica, I knew I needed to get back to it. I’m so excited to tell you about my recent performance at a charity event at a nearby venue called Cafe de Playa.

Years ago, when it was time to choose a college major, I could not think of doing anything else besides music. I went to Cornish College of the Arts for music composition and was engulfed in music for three glorious years. Afterwards though, I got caught up in the rat race of life. I focused on my job and my friends, but not my passion for performing. I’ve always missed it, so I wanted to start performing music again as soon as I could.

Heather to the Max performing at her Junior Recital at Cornish College of the Arts

Two friends and I recently put together a group. One of them is an amazing guitar player from Argentina. The other is a local Costa Rican (ticos, they’re called) who sings and writes his own songs. I round out the group with skills in singing, songwriting and accompaniment. Together we are King David Strings. As a band that’s only been practicing together for about a month, we were super excited to get on stage and show ’em what we got!

Performance Night

It could not have been a more perfect night. The sun had gone down and the air was warm but not hot. The wind was blowing just enough to bounce my hair off my shoulders. We started with an original song of my friend’s, which had a back track. Our guitarist shredded some great lines throughout. And I did something I haven’t done in years, I performed on the violin! I wrote a nice simple part that really added some beauty to the song.

King David Strings performing music at Cafe de Playa in Costa Rica

After that were a couple of my originals. They were songs I had written years ago, but they were some of my favorites that I’d ever written. The first was called The Fun Song, and I always do have a fun time singing it. The second is a blues song called Revolution. I’ve posted a video of me singing Revolution below.

After that were a few more originals of my friend, then I sang one cover song. It was great. We had a back track and guitar while I sang on the song called Smooth Operator by Sade. The band that had gone on before us had also sang the song, but our version was a bit different so we went ahead and did it anyway. Our guitarist also played a few solos throughout the show.

Everyone we talked to said we did a really good job. It made us super proud. We already have other gigs lined up! You will definitely be hearing more music from me and King David Strings in the future. Performing music is so empowering and exhilarating and I can’t wait to do more shows as the year goes on!

guitar player of King David Strings, David Sosa, playing a sick solo

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