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An Intimate Wedding at WoodHaven Party Hall

Weddings can be very expensive. Between the dress, the ring, the food, the entertainment, and the venue costs can really add up. It can help to keep the event intimate and simple. Your guests will still find the event beautiful and joyful. The WoodHaven Party Hall, an elegant banquet hall in Queens, provides you with the perfect location and so much more for your special day.

seating arrangement example for an intimate wedding at WoodHaven Party Hall

The hall can seat up to 60 guests, and also includes food racks, a drink cooler, cake/dessert table, 2 banquet tables for food, a speaker system, and a private bathroom. Their website even includes a list of authorized vendors. This can help you plan other aspects of your big day all at the same time. They understand that there’s a lot to think about, so whatever you need they are there to help.

And if you’re not entirely sure what you want, the Party Planning Specialists that WoodHaven Party Hall staffs can help guide you through the entire event. They take great care in helping you design each specific detail of your special day. After years of hosting all kinds of events, their experience will prove invaluable. They’ll be able to offer advice if you think you might need additional prep time, additional party time, or other arrangements.

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There’s nothing more important than for things to run smoothly on your big day. Leave it to the experts at WoodHaven Party Hall to take care of you. You want to enjoy yourself and start the rest of your lives together on a joyful note. For more information, visit their website at Or give them a call at 631-954-1584 to see what ideas they have for your beautiful and intimate wedding or reception.

decor idea from WoodHaven Party Hall in Queens

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