February 2018 ⋆ Heather to the MAX

Month: February 2018

20 Minute Floor Workout

I LOVE to workout. When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, I have a much easier time fitting exercise into my daily life. My struggle is with nutrition, so when people ask me how I get motivated to work out every day I’m not always sure what to tell them. One thing that IS […]

5 Dog Mom Responsibilities

This is my dog, Lilly. She’s a Frenchton, which is a crossbreed between French Bulldog and Boston Terrier. Raising and taking care of her has one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, but it wasn’t always easy. A friend recently mentioned to me how well-behaved she was, and how it was because she […]

La Gringa Bar and Grill party room

Mexican Restaurant in Queens: La Gringa Bar and Grill

A post shared by La Gringa Bar and Grill (@lagringabarandgrill) on Aug 25, 2017 at 6:16am PDT I’m always keeping my eye out for restaurants with great atmosphere, and La Gringa Bar and Grill caught my fancy with it’s cute decor and and great party options! La Gringa is a Mexican restaurant in Queens, NY, […]

How to Fall in Love with Yoga

For most of my life, I never really studied yoga and didn’t know much about it. When I was 18 I decided it was time to learn so I signed up for a class at my college. However, I did not fall in love with yoga right away. At that time my opinion was, “I […]